easily automate CI pipelines

Empower any team member to rapidly build and modify CI and test orchestration automations combining any technology or testing framework in a single pipeline.

Leading companies rely on Kaholo

Orchestrate any technology

Provision testing environments

Realtime monitoring & troubleshooting

Orchestrate any technology

Overcome the struggle of orchestrating any combination of technology or platform.

Provision Testing Environments

Spin up temporary testing environments in any cloud, build the latest version of your applications, configure services and prepare the right data and databases necessary for testing.

Realtime monitoring & troubleshooting​

Built-in tests reporting provides an overview for monitoring as well as the ability to dig deeper when troubleshooting.

76% faster CI adoption ​

Kaholo is built for making it easier to build CI pipelines by even less technical team members. With its intuitively visual interface and hundreds of pre-built actions and templates, you’re team can adopt true CI capabilities without the hassle.

Low code without limits​

Typical low-code tools lock you into a certain approach, Kaholo offers a fully capable JavaScript code layer that can handle any advanced scenario.

Integrations for every popular system