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Who needs automated remediation?

A large number of companies still struggle with tons of manual work with incidents. They often see the benefits of moving to the Cloud but they are not able to remain secure and compliant with security standards. The consequences are slow adaption to the new technologies, vulnerability to security attacks, and rising costs.

Learn how to ensure easy and secure implementation of auto-remediation with our self-service automation platform.


Problems with infrastructure start in mid-size companies with small DevOps or Security Teams and end in large Enterprises with teams working in many locations in different countries. They all struggle with a rising amount of issues to handle manually. 


Information Security Laws and Regulations

For companies that are just migrating to Cloud, there is strong pressure to meet SOC 2 requirements and since their security resources are limited, automatic security remediation becomes essential to meeting the requirements and timelines set by the business.

The companies often face the same problems:


What can you provide to your Clients with Kaholo?

Realtime monitoring

Clear statuses and a monitoring dashboard to provide end-to-end transparency

Lower MTTR

Easily start by lowering MTTR with incident enrichment and then progressively move to full zero-touch automations

Meet Security Compliance Standards

Easily fulfill requirements of Information Security Laws and Regulations.

Minimized security risk

Eliminated Alert Fatigue

Fast implementation

With Kaholo you can build almost all automated workflows that can be automated with script-based tools, and remove grunt work. With more transparency into how they are architected, how they perform, and how to debug them.

Our Partners have already increased productivity using Kaholo, which let them get more clients than before.


Examples of Automated Remediation templates you can build for your Clients

Quarantine and snapshot AWS EC2 instance on security alert

This pipeline is designed to instantly respond to a security alert an EC2 instance.

The pipeline works asynchronously and performs the following actions:

  • Creates a restricted security group for the affected EC2 instance to prevent any information leaking from the instance during the snapshot and log retrieval process
  • Creates a snapshot
  • Downloads the application/system logs from the instance, archives and uploads them to an S3 Bucket
  • Stops and terminates the instance after creating a snapshot and getting logs from it.
  • Creates an incident in PagerDuty with a link to the log archive

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Detect and fix performance issues

  • If Application goes down, run playbook to check
  • “Disk almost full” alert triggers a pipeline to backup logs (e.g. S3)
  • Delete the logs on the machine, it checks if that solved the issue, if not

Kubernetes Node Retirement

  • Triggers when a node is marked for retirement by AWS EC2.
  • The pipeline then cordons, drains, and terminates these nodes.
  • This process then triggers Kubernetes to automatically spin up another version of this node.

Kubernetes Pods stuck in Terminating status

  • Scheduled trigger checks Kubernetes master and for pod states and determines if a pod has been terminating for too long.
  • Then the pipeline cordons, drains, and terminates the node.

Auto remediation to Enforce S3 Encryption

  • Check the bucket’s encryption status
  • If the bucket was not encrypted, enable default encryption on the bucket

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