The Action and Process Objects

This section goes deeper into understanding how the Action and Process objects looks like when using the code layer.

How to get them

In the Deeper into code section you can see the following code example

function getAction(pId) { 
   let p = getProcessById(pId)//Get the process. 
   if(!p ||!p.length)return; 
   p = p[p.length-1].actions; //Get all actions 
   let action = p[Object.keys(p)[0]];//get the needed action 
   return action 

Since the object returns as a JSON file – if you would like to see it, you should stringify the action – like the following method:

function echoAction() {
   let uuid = <THE PROCESS ID>
   let action = getAction(uuid)
   return `echo ${JSON.stringify(action)}` // Print Action Output

The Action object

The following table will describe the Object and parameters within the ACTION object

Parameters Description
retries This is the number of retries you added to this action. If the action fails you may ask it to be re-executed the number of retries
mandatory In case the action is mandatory then if the action fails – the execution of the rest of the steps will stop.
isEnabled You can switch the action to run or not. This flag means that the action will be executed.
Params This the command sent to execute
Id Action unique ID
name This is the name of the action. By default it is Action and the number in the line (ie Action #1). You can change the name to be more informative.
timeout You can set a timeout to the action. When time passes and the action doesn’t stop – the action will return failure.
startTime The time that the execution started
finishTime The time when the execution stopped
numParallel Indicates if the action should be executed in parallel
actionIndex The index number of this action inside the process array
action The Id of the action
retriesLeft How many retries were left
uniqueRunUId This is the run Id of the the action which will change each and every execution
status The Status result of the execution This is actually an ENUM, with only the following options:
plugin The plugin to use (more details in the following table)
Result.stdout Action result stdout
Result.stderr Action stderr
Result.result The actual result of the command
result.status If the execution succeeded or failed
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