2.1 Hello World Pipeline

The Kaholo Designer allows you to create customized workflows by dragging and dropping multiple actions from the Integrations panel into the Design layer. Then, you only need to connect the cubes accordingly to start building the structure that you want.

Let’s build a really simple Hello World pipeline. This is a basic template, so if you already know how to build using basic components of Kaholo, You can take a look at the other tutorial with the pipeline that creates EC2 machine and sends information on the Slack channel. Go HERE

  1. Click on Left Panel “Pipelines” and then on the Blue button Create

2. Add a name for the new pipeline and assign it to your project

3. Go to the Design tab, drag&drop action Command line on the Canva

4. Fill up fields on the Right panel. ID is the unique name of your action, Display Name is the name that is displayed

5. Choose Method “Execute Command”. It allows you to execute bash commands on the agent. In the field command fill with the: echo “hello world”

6. Save the pipeline and click Execute. In the Execution Results Tab you will get result of your pipeline run