Designing your workflow

The Kaholo Designer allows you to create customized workflows by dragging and dropping multiple actions from the Integrations panel into the Design layer. Then, you only need to connect the cubes accordingly to start building the structure that you want.

In this example, we will start by creating a new AWS EC2 instance. Then, we will add a Slack notification that will let us know whether the operation was successful or not on the EC2 server. Once the new instance was created, we can continue by cloning a repository to the agent. The next step is uploading the repository to the EC2 instance. Then, we can run the repository and finally get notified when the operation is finished.

  1. Click on the Integrations icon in the left side panel. The panel will expand and show all the available plugins.
  2. Select the AmazonEC2 plugin and drag and drop it into the Design layer. This will be the first action to be executed within your pipeline.
  3. Continue by adding all the other plugins that are necessary to build your pipeline and connect the lines between them. Make sure you connect the steps in the exact order you want them to be executed.

Can’t find a tool you need? Send a request for your specific use case or develop your own customized plugin.

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