Parameter Fields

Each method has its own set of Parameter fields, some required and others are optional. You can either set a static value in these fields or dynamically set the value during the pipeline’s execution.

Vault Parameter Fields

For sensitive fields, some plugins use our Vault to store sensitive data. For example, SSH Keys, Passwords, etc. In order to insert a new Vault item, click on the Vault field dropdown, select “Add New Vault Item” and insert the value in the popup. See the Vault page for more details.

Autocomplete Parameter Fields

Some plugins have autocomplete parameter fields that dynamically populate after connecting/authenticating to the external service. For example, our Github plugin dynamically gets the list of Owners to assign when creating a new repository.

Code Parameter Fields

An alternative to using static values in plugin parameters is enabling the Code option by switching on the toggle above the parameter field. This way, parameter values can be dynamically generated at the time of execution.

The Code toggle activates a JavaScript code field that has full JS capabilities and has access to the Kaholo SDK which makes it easier for you to access pipeline data such as statuses, action results, trigger payloads, etc.

Each code field has access to the same context as the main Code Layer.

Let’s say you have to fill in the IP address of a Host URL that is auto-assigned when configuring a new Amazon EC2 instance. To dynamically generate this value at the time of execution, you can use the following structure directly in a plugin parameter field that has the code option turned on:


actionID = ID of the Action that includes in the results the IP address

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