1.3.1 Kaholo SDK – table

Kaholo provides an SDK, which is exposed in the JavaScript Code Layer as the `kaholo` namespace object.In general, but especially when creating loops, the Action’s results will be updated after each iteration. In case you need to get and manipulate the results to use them at a later point in the pipeline, it’s best to store the results in a variable first. You can define and initialize variables in the Code Page.Note: To quickly see what’s available in the Kaholo SDK, go to the Code Page in the UI and start by typing “kaholo”. Then you will see all the available objects in our context-aware code completion features. The most useful objects are tabulated below.

Key Description Type
actions.<action-Id>.result Final result of an Action JSON or String
actions.<action-Id>.executions Execution statuses for an Action Array of Objects
actions.<action-Id>.executions[0].actionsExecutionId The ID of the Action’s execution String
actions.<action-Id>.executions[0].status Whether the Action succeeded or not. Available statuses: error, success, skipped, running, stopped. String
actions.<action-Id>.executions[0].startTime The date and time the Action started executing Date
actions.<action-Id>.executions[0].params The input value of an Action’s parameter that was evaluated during this specific execution Object
actions.<action-Id>.mandatory Whether the Action is mandatory and should stop the Pipeline or failure or not. Boolean
actions.<action-Id>.name The display name of the Action. String
actions.<Action_ID>.output Includes the plugin name, method name, parameter names, parameter values, that were used for a particular execution.

In addition, it will include the stdout, stderr, and errors related to custom JS that you insert into the code layer or code fields.

actions.<Action_ID>.plugin.name The name of the plugin, that the method used in this Action is a part of. String
actions.<Action_ID>.plugin.version The version of the plugin. String
actions.<Action_ID>.retries The maximum number of retries configured for this Action. Default is 0. Number
actions.<Action_ID>.retriesLeft Updated to contain the current number of retries left for trying to execute this Action before stopping it. Number
actions.<Action_ID>.status The status of the last execution of this Action. Available statuses: error, success, skipped, running, stopped. String
actions.<Action_ID>.timeout The value of timeout configured for this Action. Number
kaholo.pipeline.name The name of the current Pipeline String
kaholo.pipeline.id The unique ID of the current Pipeline String
kaholo.pipeline.configurations An array containing all available configurations for this Pipeline. Each item is an object containing the name and the value of each configuration. Array Of Objects
kaholo.pipeline.configurations[0].name The name of the configuration String
kaholo.pipeline.configurations[0].value The JSON object value passed as the configuration itself. JSON Object
kaholo.execution.agent An object containing information on the agent configured to execute this Pipeline, during the current execution. Object
kaholo.execution.agent.name The name of the agent String
kaholo.execution.agent.attributes User assigned agent attributes that are used like tags Array Of Strings
kaholo.execution.configuration The value of the configuration that was specified for this execution. JSON Object
kaholo.execution.id A unique ID generated automatically for each execution. String
kaholo.execution.trigger.payload The value sent to the Webhook that caused the Pipeline to trigger Object Or String
kaholo.execution.trigger.message The description of the Action that caused the trigger String
kaholo.execution.inputs.<field> Access your input value Object Or String
kaholo.vault.getValueByKey Access to your vault items stored in Kaholo String