1.9 Troubleshooting

Execution Results

The Execution Results screen makes it easy to understand what happened during a pipeline execution and quickly troubleshoot failures.


You can see a summary of each execution and an overview of the execution’s status. You can download all logs and results of a particular execution by clicking on the download icon in the Execution Results Summary.

The Executions column provides general execution details of your pipeline:

  • Start and Finish time
  • Execution ID
  • Revision ID
  • The way your pipeline was triggered – started manually by a user, scheduled, or via webhook
  • Configuration: The name of the configuration that was used for the execution
  • Agent: The name of the agent that was used for the execution


The Actions panel shows you every instance of an action that was either executed, skipped, stopped or failed. By clicking on one of the Actions in the list, you will see more details in the right panels of Activity Log and Final Result.

Activity Log

This shows you the inputs of the action as well as a running output of activity while the action was executing. If there was an error before it was able to finish executing, the error message will appear here. You can download the log of an Action by clicking on the download button.

Final Results

This section shows the output of each Action that was executed. If the Action integrates with an external service like AWS, it will show the response from AWS here. You can download the final result of an Action by clicking on the download button.




The Execution Results tab provides a dashboard for the execution results. It displays 2 columns and 3 panels that show specific execution details.

The two (2) columns under the Execution Results tab are the following:

  • Executions: this column shows the date and time stamps of the executions.
  • Results: this column shows the displayed data for the selected agent and the status of the executed processes.

The three (3) panels under the Execution Results tab are the following:

  • Execution Summary: this panel displays the general execution details.
  • View Action Results: this panel displays the processes and actions information.
  • View Raw Output: this panel displays the execution’s raw output.


Accessing the Execution Results tabs and Selecting an Execution

In this section, you will learn how to access the Execution Results tab and select an execution.

1. Click Execution Result tab to open.

2. In the Executions column, select the Execution date.

Stop a Running Execution

If you need to stop a running execution, you can select the current one under the Executions column (the one that shows a Stop icon). To make the execution stop, simply click the Red Stop icon.

Also, notice the Gray status circle under the Results column. When an action is being executed, the status circle beside the action will flicker from white to grey. If it turns Green, it means the execution succeeded. But if it turns yellow, it means the execution fails.

Execution Results column

The Results column shows the Display data menu which allows you to select a specific agent or aggregation status of all the agents.

To choose an agent, click the Display data drop-down menu and select an agent from the list.

In addition, you can view the status of the execution of two processes. If you click on one of the processes – in this example – the Hello World, you can see the execution status of all the actions within the process itself.

Execution Summary

The Execution Summary provides general execution details:

  • Execution ID
  • Start time
  • Finish time
  • The Revision ID of the pipeline
  • How the pipeline was triggered – Manually by specific user, by Trigger, Scheduled….
  • Configuration: Which Configuration the execution used.
  • Total result of all the Actions in the bagel (if you hover the bagel you can see how many Actions and their results

View Action results

When selecting a process you will see its information once the selected process expands.:

  • You can view the process name
  • Process execution start time
  • Process execution end time
  • Actions table and the result of each action

When pressing on one of the actions inside the actions table you can see more details about the action itself:

  • View Action start time
  • View Action finish time
  • The command was executed and the output of the command.

When pressing the enlarge icon you can see the raw output on a larger screen within the View Actions Results panel.

View the Raw output

On the right side of the execution results page you can see the Raw output panel that shows the raw output of all the executions.When pressing the enlarge icon you will see a larger popup view of the entire execution