1.2 Flow Controls

Each Action has an Advanced tab in the Edit Panel where you can control the behavior of an action and its parameters for more advanced flow control. When any action executes, it ends in one of three states:

  •  success – completed and produced a final result payload
  •  error – encountered an error that stopped the execution; no final result payload
  •  skipped – did not execute because “Conditional Code” evaluated to false

Options in the Advanced tab often affect and rely upon these statuses of Actions in the Pipeline.


The timeout is a period of time in milliseconds. The Actions that do not finish within this time are being stopped and assigned status ‘error‘. The default timeout is 10 minutes, and the maximum is 6 hours.


You can see Retries as the number of times to restart an Action that has ended in status ‘error‘. This does not affect successful or skipped Actions, which lead to the next Action in the Pipeline. The default value is zero retries.

Stop Pipeline on Failure

This toggle determines if the Pipeline execution stops when an Action in the Pipeline fails on its last try. This is set to true by default – for example, stop the Pipeline if there is a failure.


Conditional Code and Hooks

1.2.1 Conditional Code