Kaholo’s Dashboard shows your recently executed pipelines. You can see what method was used to trigger the execution of the pipeline, as well as the project it belongs to. In addition to this, you can also see how many actions within your pipeline have been successfully executed and how many of them failed.

Execution Results

The Execution Results screen makes it easy to understand what happened during a pipeline execution and quickly troubleshoot failures.


You can see a summary of each execution and an overview of the execution’s status. You can download all logs and results of a particular execution by clicking on the download icon in the Execution Results Summary.

The Executions column provides general execution details of your pipeline:

  • Start and Finish time
  • Execution ID
  • Revision ID
  • The way your pipeline was triggered – started manually by a user, scheduled, or via webhook
  • Configuration: The name of the configuration that was used for the execution
  • Agent: The name of the agent that was used for the execution


The Actions panel shows you every instance of an action that was either executed, skipped, stopped or failed. By clicking on one of the Actions in the list, you will see more details in the right panels of Activity Log and Final Result.

Activity Log

This shows you the inputs of the action as well as a running output of activity while the action was executing. If there was an error before it was able to finish executing, the error message will appear here. You can download the log of an Action by clicking on the download button.

Final Results

This section shows the output of each Action that was executed. If the Action integrates with an external service like AWS, it will show the response from AWS here. You can download the final result of an Action by clicking on the download button.


Each time you make changes to a pipeline and save, a new Revision is created. This allows you to roll back to any previous versions, create a new branch, or compare different revisions to view configuration details.

In the Revisions screen, you can toggle between the changes to the canvas as well as changes to the Code layer.

Organizing with Projects

Kaholo allows you to effectively organize your work by grouping pipelines into projects. You can create different projects for specific use cases to easily track changes and collaborate with your team.

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