Kaholo plugins extend the functionality of Kaholo to interact with AWS, Google, and Azure cloud platforms, assorted tools, databases, 3rd party applications, web services, etc. You can find a list of installed plugins in Kaholo Settings | Plugins (puzzle-piece-shaped icon).

Every pipeline action in a Kaholo pipeline is associated with a Kaholo plugin. The action runs one method of the plugin on a Kaholo Agent with the configuration provided by the pipeline, in order to accomplish a task. All Kaholo plugins are open-source, MIT licensed, community-driven development projects. Plugins are customizable and extensible integrations to various tools and 3rd party systems. They provide a pipeline action with the following:

  • One or more methods
  • Definition of the configurable parameters made available to each method, and
  • Code (JavaScript) for the Kaholo agent to carry out the action

The first two are accomplished by human-readable JSON configuration as seen in the file config.json that is included with each plugin in the Kaholo GitHub Repositories. In fact, many customizations to a plugin can be accomplished by changing nothing but config.json.

Each plugin provides its own plugin-specific documentation as, in the root folder of its code repository.