Finding Plugins

The full collection of known plugins are available in the Kaholo GitHub Repositories. A subset of these – the most requested and commonly used ones – have been tested and released as “Available Plugins” for Kaholo v6.x. There are multiple ways to accomplish a task that are not always clear. For example, there is no “Selenium” plugin because the most common way to Selenium test a project is using a build/test tool like Maven or Pytest, for which there are Kaholo plugins. The Kubernetes, Docker, or Helm plugins may also be used to deploy a Selenium Grid.

There are also generic plugins that can be multi-purposed, which is very useful. For example, suppose a pipeline needs to access SpaceX launch data. It should be no surprise that there is no Kaholo SpaceX Plugin. However using the generic Kaholo Docker Plugin with method Run Container and this spacex-api docker image, that data is made available to a pipeline.

The Command Line Plugin is another very useful multi-purpose plugin, especially for those familiar with shell scripting.

If you are having difficulty finding the plugin you need or have questions about which plugin should be used for a task, please contact us.