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First Project & Pipeline


In this Article, you will learn how to create your first project and your first pipeline/workflow.

Creating your first project

1. On the Main Menu,  click the Projects icon.

2. You will be directed to the Projects page. Click the Add project button to create a project.

3. In the Name field, enter the name of the project. You can also add a project description in the Description field.

4. After specifying the project name and description, click the Create button.

Creating your first pipeline

There are two options to build your first pipeline. Create one or import an existing pipeline.

Here’s how to do it by creating a one from scratch:

1. On the Projects pane, click the button titled Add pipeline

2. You will be directed to the Create a new pipeline page. On this page, you can enter the pipeline’s basic information.

3. In the Project field, click the drop-down arrow and select the project where you want the pipeline to be added.

        1. Note: if you select the Create New Project option, a new project will be created and the Project Name and Project Description fields will be enabled within the Create a new pipeline page.

4. In the Name field, enter the pipeline name.

5. In the Description field, enter the pipeline description.

6. After specifying the required information, click Create.

Once you create your first pipeline, you will be directed to the pipeline’s Design tab where you can view the visual pipeline of your workflow.

Adding Agents to your Pipeline

It is important to note that before you can execute your pipeline, you must first add an agent. The pipeline will not execute if there is no selected agent. In addition, the selected agent must have an active status to prevent errors while execution.

1. Open the newly created pipeline.

2. Once you open your newly created pipeline, you will see the Design tab. It is this tab where you design the flow of the work in a pipeline.

3. In the Design sub-menu, click the Agents icon to access the agents list.

4. Since this is our first time adding an agent for this pipeline, you will need to click the Select button to open the Select Agents window.

5. Find the agent that you want to add to this pipeline and select its checkbox.

6. After selecting an agent, click the Confirm button.

Once you select an agent, it will appear on the Agents list as shown below.


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