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Hello Code Tutorial


The second tutorial further describes some of the things that can be accomplished using Kaholo’s code environment and revisions feature.

By the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to develop dynamic pipelines and either branch or roll back with pipeline revisioning.


This tutorial is a continuation of the previous Hello World tutorial and builds off the pipeline that we previously created.

Adding a New Process to the Hello World Pipeline

This guide will walk you through on how to add a new process to the existing Hello World pipeline. To ensure familiarity, we will call it Hello Code

1. On your Dashboard, select the pipeline that we previously created; the Hello World Pipeline.

2. After selecting the pipeline, click the Plugins icon.

3. Find and click the Command Line plugin and drag and drop it into the Design panel.

4. Select the Command Line Plugin from the Design panel and click the Details drop-down arrow in the Configuration panel.

5. Change the plugin name to Hello Code.

6. Drag the line from the Start icon to the Hello Code plugin, this will enable the process to be executed in parallel to the Hello World.

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