Your first log in - Kaholo

Your first log in


In this article, you will learn how to initially set up your login information.

After installing the server and connecting it to the database, you are now ready to login to the Kaholo platform. Follow the steps below to set up your login credentials.

1. Open a Browser and enter the correct URL (i.e http://localhost:3000).

        1. Note: the port number can be configured from the server .env file

2. After entering the URL, you will be directed to the Create admin page. On this page, you can set your credentials for the initial login.

3.Specify the required credentials in the appropriate fields:

        1. Name: enter your name.
        2. E-mail: enter your email address, this will be your login email address.
        3. Password: enter your password. Please note that you have to enter at least 8 text characters with at least 1 Capital letter and a number. Do not add special characters (e.g. !, #, $, etc.).
        4. Repeat password: re-enter the specified password for confirmation.

4. After specifying your credentials, click Create.

5. The Terms and Conditions window will appear. Read the Terms and Conditions and select the I Accept checkbox.

6. Click Continue to proceed.

7. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you will be directed to the main Kaholo page.

Logging Out from your Kaholo Account

1. On the Main Menu, find and click the Profile icon right above the Help button.
Click Log Out. After clicking the logout option, you will be logged out from the system instantly.

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