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Your first pipeline


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple Hello World pipeline. You will also learn how a Process is created and how to create an action within a Process.


Before moving forward, ensure to complete the following tasks:

Creating a New Process

1. Open the newly created pipeline and click the Plugins icon under the Design sub-menu.

2. After clicking the icon, the Plugins Bar will expand. For tutorial purposes, select the Command Line plugin and drag and drop it into the Design panel. As soon as it appears in the Design panel, it is now called a Process.

3. Click on the Process to enable the Configuration panel that will expand on the right side of the screen.

4. Click the Details drop-down arrow.

5. In the Name field, enter the Process name. In this example, we will name it Hello World.

        1. Note: while you are entering the process name, the icon’s label will also be updated.

6. To create a Process Link, find the Start icon and click the Round icon next to it. When the cursor turns into a Cross, drag your Mouse to the Process to draw a line between the starting point and the process.

Note: when creating a process link, you must start from the Right side of the process circle to the left side of the next process as shown in the image above. Otherwise, your pipeline will not be executed.

Creating a New Action within a Process

After creating a new Process, we can now create an action within it. For tutorial purposes, we will use the Execute Command method as an example.

1. In the Design panel, find and click the Process where you want to create the action. This will enable the Configuration panel on the right side of the screen.

2. Click the Actions drop-down arrow and click the Add Action button.

3. The Actions section allows you to configure a method as each Plugin has methods with coinciding parameters. Specify the method configuration to proceed:

    • Name: specify the action name.
    • Timeout (ms): you can set a timeout for this action. If you leave this blank, the action will not have a timeout and defaults to 10 minutes. (Optional)
    • Retries: you can set a number of retries if the action encounters an error. Enter the number of retries in this field. Defaults to 0 retries. (Optional)
    • Mandatory: select this option to set the action as mandatory. If the action fails, the process will stop.
    • Method: click the drop-down arrow and select Execute Command.
    • Command: Each method has its own parameters to accomplish. Since we chose the command line to execute we need to write a regular command.for this example, simply go to the Value column and enter echo ’Hello World’

After creating/developing your pipeline, you may now continue by saving and executing it. See Saving and Executing Your First Pipeline for more information on how to execute your pipeline.

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