This section explains how you can set a schedule for your maps.

How to set a Schedule

Kaholo Maps feature a calendar option where you can schedule when you want your maps to execute.

In the admin panel, click on the calendar icon, and select the desired project and map.


Scheduling a recurring execution

In the calendar pane, select the project from the drop-down list of projects. Then select the desired map associated with the project.

There is a drop-down list of Configuration options. This field is optional.

Crons automatically default to “Once.” For a recurring execution, select “Repeated.”

Next to the text field titled Cron, there us a calendar icon. Click on the icon and select if the recurring instance should be every hour/day/week/month/year. Based on your selection, it will prompt you to further define the Cron. The timing selection will automatically populate in the Cron text field, and press Create.


Deleting an execution

On the calendar, highlight any date that the map is scheduled to execute.

Once the date is highlighted, a list of any scheduled jobs will appear below the date.

Click on the delete (trash) icon next to any job you would like to delete. If the job is recurring, you will be prompted to select whether you want to delete all of the scheduled jobs, or just the next scheduled instance.

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