This section explains how to add a trigger to a map.  Instructions on how to develop a trigger is explained under the Plugin development section.

What is a Trigger?

A trigger is a event listener, such as webhook catcher. Whenever the event throws a webhook, the trigger catches it and executes the map.

Where are Triggers needed?

Depending on the webhook, Triggers can listen to any event. A popular event example is a code commit into the GIT repository where a CI\CD automation may be evoked. Other events such as monitoring peaks, firewall attacks, etc. can also cause a map to start running.

Adding a Trigger to a map

On the left of the Map panel, click on the lightning icon (this is the trigger button).

In the Trigger panel, select the “Create New” button.

In the new Trigger popup, add the necessary details.

Note that you can choose which type of configuration will be executed by each plugin.

Select the plugin you wish to execute, enter its parameters, and you’re ready to go!

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