This second tutorial  further describes some of the things that can be accomplished using Kaholo’s code environment and revisions feature.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to develop dynamic maps, and either branch or roll back with map versioning.


This tutorial is a continuation of the previous tutorial  “hello world” and builds off of the maps previously made.

Adding to the Hello World Map

  1. Access the Maps section of your dashboard and open the Hello World map.
  2. Select the Plugins pane from the task ribbon, then drag and drop a Command Line plugin onto the map.
  3. Click on the command line plugin, select the Details tab on the right action pane, and change the plugin name to Hello Code.
  4. Drag a line from the Hello Code plugin to the Start icon. This will enable the process to be executed in parallel to Hello World.

Adding a new action

  1. Click on the Add an Action tab from the right action pane, and click on “Add action.”
  2. Enter a name for the designated action, and then select the action method. For this example, the appropriate method is “execute command.”
  3. The following text fields will populate the action pane:
  4. Tick the checkbox for command and enter in the desired function.
  5. Implement the function in the code environment:   function HelloCode() }
    The return value from the code will be executed by the command line.
  6. Save and execute the map.
  7. View the execution results to review output.

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