This is a basic walk-through of how to develop the “Hello World” map. The main steps are to create a new project, and create a new map.

Create a new Project

  • On the left sidebar, select the Projects icon and then click on the “Add Project” button.

  • Enter the name and description of the new project, and then select Create.

  • Once created, you can add maps the project.

  • Within the Project pane you can also edit projects, add maps, and archive projects no longer in use.

Create a new Map

  • In the sidebar, select the Maps icon . You will be redirected to the Maps pane.
  • Click on “Add new map” button above the list of maps available (if any).
  • Select the Project from the drop-down list that you would like to link your map to, and enter the desired Map name. Optionally, you can include a description.
  • Finally, press “Create.”

  • Upon pressing create, your new Map will be created and you will automatically be directed to the area where you can further design/build out the map.



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