Installing Kaholo

This section of installing Kaholo entails the following segments:

  • Kaholo server – the server side of Kaholo which manages all the pipeline, the user interface and more
  • Kaholo agent – the local executer of the pipelines
  • Kaholo plugin – the connectors to the 3rd party products. Plugins are installed via the console.

The Server:

There’s the execution of the steps through the pipeline, tracking the state machine of the overall process. This is run on the server. The server calls out to the agent to run that command.

The agent:

There is an agent co-located with the server. Additional agents would be added for many reasons, like the operation that a map makes might need to run on-host where there is no API. For example, you might run an agent on a specific host in CI that requires a command line task to run.
The individual steps in the pipeline may (depending on plugins) require an agent to execute a specific task and report back to the overall execution on the server.
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