This section will describe how to install Kaholo’s plugins.

What do Kaholo plugins do?

A Kaholo plugin is a static code that wraps around external products and APIs. By doing so, it enables methods to connect with the remote products.

Plugins can be written in any development language that you feel comfortable with.

Installing Plugins

To install a Kaholo plugin, go to the main Kaholo page in Github ( and search for the plugin that you wish to install.

Once you have selected the appropriate plugin link, scroll down and select the zip folder, then select the zip file, and click on the download button.

Open the Kaholo platform. Click on the Manage icon  on the sidebar and you will be automatically routed to the section displaying available plugins.

Click on the “Upload Plugin” button. A popup box will appear. You now have two options to install the plugin file onto the Kaholo platform, either by dragging and dropping in the file, or by manually importing the file.

The plugin will automatically install, and can now be executed in a Kaholo map.


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