Version 4.1.1.

14 March 2022

  • Pipeline List: Totally redesigned pipeline list removes unnecessary clicks in and out of projects, displays more pertinent information like the number of executions and last execution status, and finally allows you to take more actions right from the list screen.
  • Issues Summary: Quickly get a summary of all issues with your pipeline configuration such as disconnected Actions, missing plugins or versions, and invalid Action inputs.
    In-App Plugin Documentation: We now display a link on each plugin edit panel that triggers display documentation for that plugin without having to jump out of Kaholo.
  • Template Documentation: When using a Kaholo template, you will now be greeted with popup documentation explaining how to use the pipeline in detail to help you get the most of our templates.
  • Improved error handling on pipeline import
  • Improved plugin setting defaults
  • Code layer context is now shared with code parameter fields
  • Easier to find plugins: More accurate plugin search results
  • All plugins now run on the same working directory for simplifying using assets across actions
  • Added support for Plugin parameter default values so best practices and common values can be baked in
  • Added support for code-only parameter fields in Plugins as well as the ability to display code examples where appropriate
  • Newly added viewNames property for displaying cleaner plugin names
  • Improved plugin parameter text area fields to automatically expand based on the input content
  • GCP Compute: New methods to Delete VM, List Subnets
  • GCP Compute: Support network tiers other than “premium”
  • AWS EKS: “Get Token” method fixed & new method to create cluster added
  • AWS S3: Refactored plugin entirely with additional methods and parameters
  • AWS EC2: Added “Name” parameter to Create Instance method
  • AWS EC2: added new method to Modify Instance Attribute
  • AWS EKS and AWS ECR now use the Vault for keys
  • PagerDuty: Added important parameters to the Create Incident method
  • GCP Cloud Run: Fixed error
  • Kubernetes: better message for missing required parameters
  • NETCONF: New plugin to interact with universal network protocol
  • Command Line: new Method to execute Bash file and improved support for multiple commands.
  • Command Line – Remote Command Execution: Added Private Key parameters
  • Apify Trigger: Trigger a Kaholo pipeline when based on events from Apify runs
  • Apify: Get data from an Apify run
  • MonkeyLearn: Send data to be processed by any ML model
  • CSV: Fixed errors and improved parameters
  • Jenkins: retrieve full build log
  • Git: Split Clone to 2 methods: Clone Public & Clone Private
  • SonarQube: Fixed missing Token field
  • AWS DynamoDB: New plugin
  • Docker: Support filepath or directory

Version 4.0.4.

3 January 2022

  • Pipeline templates
  • Enhanced execution results
  • In-app help panels for code and configurations
  • Plugin categorization for quicker browsing
  • Simplified Kaholo SDK was also added to IntelliSense
  • User-configurable action IDs for better code referencing
  • Syntax highlighting in code fields
  • Wider input fields in code fields
  • Fields auto-resize based on input
  • All required fields are clearly indicated to avoid execution errors
  • Additional help text for each plugin
  • Add new vault items from within the Designer
  • Simplified single-action edit panels
  • Independently scrollable action edit panel
  • Resizable action edit panel
  • Simplified navigation menu
  • Create a new project and pipeline at the same time
  • Request plugins
  • Display trigger payload in Execution Results
  • Clearer plugin parameter errors for Autocomplete fields
  • New Method: Git Clone to Remote Server
  • New Method: Github Comment on PR
  • New Method: MySQL Insert Data, Copy Table Structure
  • New Method: AWS S3 Static Website Hosting
  • New Method: AWS EC2 Create EBS Snapshot, Create Volume
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • Google Cloud Compute
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Google Cloud Run
  • Google Cloud IAM
  • Top Desk
  • Redis
  • Salesforce
  • Unable to save Trigger changes when trigger plugin doesn’t have explicitly defined required fields
  • Dashboard: Pipeline exists but can’t be clicked
  • SAML – Endpoint URL now supports query strings
  • Could not apply a User Group to a user
  • Execution Results: Wrong ‘Stopped’ color displayed for Actions
  • ‘Stop Pipeline on Failure’ toggle wast always set to ‘True’
  • Unexpected exclamation mark icon in autocomplete fields
  • Password reset wasn’t working