Smart Process Builder

Kaholo Provides a smart workflow where you can Drag & Drop plugins and create the processes the way it will be executed.

No proprietary language – develop your plugins in any language you feel most comfortable with.

Kaholo develop


On top of the Designer tab Kaholo provides a standard JavaScript IDE and a full SDK which exposes the whole execution context.
The IDE brings a dynamic flexibility from anywhere in the Designer.

Kaholo Product, The IDE

Organizational Memory

Every execution is logged to Kaholo’s DB. Replace the lines of logs into visual dashboard.
Monitor every execution’s results from any numbers of server involved in the process.

Monitor execution results

Automatic Source Control

Tracking every change in the Designer data, and the IDE.
Giving the capability of showing Diff, Rollbacks and make branches.

Kaholo, Automatic Source Control

Integrated Platform

Develop, executing and managing all your processes from a single platform enables tracking every execution in your organization.

Kaholo, Integrated platform