Testing Platform Comparison

Test Automation vs Test Orchestration

Test orchestration acts as a top-level conductor, much like in an orchestra where every part is precisely coordinated for a single vision.

On the other hand, test automation is the actual tests which check software for expected results.

Test orchestration coordinates these test automations within a single pipeline, allowing for a holistic approach to testing that result in several key benefits:

  1. Execute many different kinds of test automations, frameworks, and platforms all in a coordinated sequence for true end-to-end testing.
  2. Test automations can be executed in a simple linear order or in more complex sequences with parallel branching, conditional branching and loops.
  3. Pass data between tests.
  4. One unified view of the ‘big picture’ for more transparency.
Unlike CI pipelines that seldom change, testing pipelines change very often with almost every sprint. This is why a low-code solution is perfect for test orchestration pipelines where building and changing workflows is fast, easy and can be done by any engineer.
Kaholo Selenium Test Studio Smartbear Katalon
Supported Tests UI, Integration, Performance, Unit UI UI, Integration, Performance UI, Integration, Performance, Unit UI, Integration, Unit
Platforms Web, Mobile, Embeded, Desktop, IoT, API, Databases Web, API Web, Desktop, API, PDF Web, Mobile, Desktop Web, Mobile, Desktop, API
Provision Any Test Environment
Testing frameworks integration Any framework Selenium Selenium Selenium
Import Any Existing UI Test
Self Healing Tests
Test Reporting
Git Version Control
Report Status to Github
Supported Languages JavaScript, Python, Bash, Java, Groovey, C#, C++, VisualBasic, VBScript, JScript, Delphi, Ruby, PHP, Perl Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Perl C#, VisualBasic Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, VBScript, JScript, Delphi Java, Groovey